Military families need to be prepared for whatever life throws at them - whether it's a twisted ankle, a surprise deployment, or more.

The 124 page PDF includes 14 sections : People, Life at Our House, Around the House, Documents, Health, Financial, Real Estate & Other Property, Insurance, Investments, Employment, Military, Education, Other Information, and In Case of Death. Customizable structure keeps day-to-day info within reach, but you can store personal info in a safer place.

The structure and prompts make sure that you don't miss any important detail - like the main water shutoff location, or who to call in an emergency.. I've included links, military regs, and tips to use this tool.

This binder is for you if:

  • You’re a military or veteran family
  • One person in your family handles most of the family activities or finances or household tasks
  • You have kids, pets, or older family members and want their care to continue seamlessly if you’re unavailable
  • You are a single parent
  • Your parent is a veteran/spouse & you need all the important details to help them as they age
  • You live alone and manage everything yourself

You don't need this binder to gather this information. But have you done it yet? And are you sure you haven't forgotten anything?